Melt Beef by Melaleuka (formerly Village Green Beef) is tested by the C. Y. O’Connor Research Foundation, who are collaborating with us to verify and develop the healthy beef project. We are focused on the production and direct delivery of fresh Melt Beef from Melaleuka Farms located in North Dandalup, directly to our customers. We use novel tests to ID trace animals throughout the whole process to ensure we serve our beef. Because of this we can be certain that our Melt Beef product is free of growth promoters (hormones) and antibiotics.

The healthy beef programme has stemmed from our interest in healthier beef fat that has a high oleic acid content and a low melting point; a characteristic identified in the genetics of some Wagyu and Akaushi cattle originating in Japan. This breed also has superior genetics that enable the beef to marble with increasingly lower melting temperature (healthier) fat.


  • - Milk-fed: distinct from veal, milk fed beef is from animals that have continued to drink milk beyond normal weaning time

  • - Short-fed European: 65-100 days on feed

  • - Long-fed Wagyu: 250-350 days on feed, marbled

  • - Grass-fed Akaushi: our premium product with a low melt point

In addition to Melt Beef, we serve Hawthornden Lamb produced by our cousin, Renny Lee-Steere, in Toodyay.

Whether you’re a foodie, a farmer, or just curious about the paddock-to-plate concept, we encourage you to come down and try our Melt Beef and the other locally sourced fresh produce featured on our menu.

Melt Beef is also available from our sister venues CY O’Conner Village Pub and 
Hybla on Middleton Beach in Albany, WA.